Memorandum of Understanding with FAI

WHEREAS the International Air Cadet Exchange Association (IACEA) is an association of cooperating national air organizations concerned with arranging annual exchanges of air cadets between participating countries, and

WHEREAS the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) is the world body governing all air sports activities and the homologation of aviation and space records, dedicated to promote physical and moral qualities, technical knowledge and skill as basic to astronautical activities and air sports and to coordinate its members' separate efforts to further aeronautics and astronautics throughout the world, and

CONSIDERING that both the IACEA and the FAI have the common aim of fostering international understanding, goodwill and friendship among young people who have an interest in aviation, and

CONSIDERING that a number of the organizations participating in the IACEA are also active members of the FAI,

It is hereby RESOLVED that by this instrument that:

  1. IACEA and FAI recognize one another as world organizations concerned with educating young people through the medium of aviation, thereby promoting international friendship and understanding.
  2. IACEA welcomes FAI to its annual Planning Conferences and FAI welcomes IACEA to its annual General Conferences and each to other relevant meetings without any financial commitment in either case on the part of the host organization.
  3. IACEA and FAI will seek to secure mutual benefits by sharing information and cooperating on projects of mutual interest always without either organization being under any general obligation to the other.
  4. Guidelines for the practical co operation and exchange of information between the two organizations may be developed and implemented jointly by the appropriate executive bodies of both organizations as and when required.

Adopted by

The IACEA Planning Conference in Hong Kong September 13th 1995.

The FAI General Conferences in Sun City, South Africa, October 11th 1995.

Signed in Oslo, Norway, October 30th, 1995

Preliminary Guidelines For The Practical Cooperation Between IACEA And FAI

  1. The point of contact between the two organizations will normally be the Secretaries General of IACEA and FAI respectively.
  2. The responsibility for identifying area of common interests and developing proposals for joint projects rests with the Standing Committee in the case of IACEA and the International Aerospace Education Commission (CIEA) in the case of FAI.
  3. Each of the two organizations will supply to the other with names and addresses of their members and of national and international periodicals published by their member organizations as and when requested.