Honours and Awards - Terms of Reference



The International Air Cadet Exchange Association (IACEA) Medal of Honour and Honorary Membership are awarded to IACEA Members and others in recognition of outstanding service to the International Air Cadet Exchange Programme.

Member countries of the IACEA are responsible for screening applications from their organization and for ensuring that the citation details clearly show what the IACEA Member or organization has done to merit an award recommendation.

Posthumous awards will only be granted when the original citation is dated before the death of the intended recipient.

The IACEA Honours and Awards Committee (MOU para 4(v)) must approve all honours and awards.

The IACEA Medal of Honour

This is the highest award that can be granted to an IACEA Member or organization. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure only the most deserving are recommended for this honour to retain its value as the highest award. Whenever there is doubt as to the merit of the person or organization being considered, then consideration should be given to recommending a lesser award, namely an Honorary Membership or Honour Diploma Approval of these awards rests with the Standing Committee.

Medal Of Honour Criteria

Those charged with the responsibility of assessing an IACEA member or organization for the Medal of Honour should use the following criteria in order to decide whether a recommendation should be made:

  1. How long has this member or organization been associated with the IACEA?
  2. What has he, she or they done that has set them apart from other IACEA members?
  3. Is their contribution considered to be above and beyond that which may be expected of any devoted member?
  4. Regardless of the offices held, has the member or organization rendered outstanding services to the IACE that have set them apart from other members or organizations?
  5. Has this member or organization made an unusual sacrifice of time or professional talents that has brought great credit to the IACEA or has enhanced the prestige of the IACEA?
  6. Has he, she or they rendered services significantly above those rendered by any other member or organization that only by the granting the IACEA highest award can these services be fully recognized?

In regard to the above criteria, the fact that he, she or they held many or all IACEA offices and fulfilled these offices well and faithfully and in doing so strived to enhance the particular offices held are not in themselves sufficient to warrant a Medal of Honour recommendation. It is expected that those who accept IACEA offices will perform diligently at all times.


Application for the International Air Cadet Exchange Association Medal of Honour will be made on the IACEA Form 1A (Require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).

The Citation

Care must be taken in preparing the citation because the Honours and Awards Committee, in considering the applications for this award, has only the citation on which to base its decision. Therefore, complete details of the services rendered must be given.

Honorary Membership

The IACEA Memorandum of Understanding, Article 8 states that:

'The Standing Committee (through the Honours and Awards Committee) may honour a member by inviting him/her to become an Association Honorary President or Honorary Member. To be eligible for the appointment of Honorary President, the person must have served as IACEA President and for the appointment of Honorary Member; the person must have attended at least five IACEA Annual Conferences. Once an honorary appointment has been appointed, those accepting are responsible for their own expenses. In addition, honorary appointees attending an IACEA Conference will need to pay the registration fee.'

It should be borne in mind that in granting an Honorary Membership, the IACEA is bestowing a great honour on a colleague. Consequently, consideration should be given to the granting of Honour Diplomas to those who have given long and faithful service.

The criteria to be applied in selecting a member for Honorary Membership is the same as that set out for the IACEA Medal of Honour. Normally, a member should be considered for an Honorary Membership before being considered for the Medal of Honour because the degree of service rendered to the IACE need not have been of such a high order as for the Medal of Honour.

An Honorary Membership should be granted after long service as a reward for outstanding and continuous service and devotion to the IACEA aims and objects.

Final approval of this award rests with the Standing Committee.

Honour Diploma

An Honour Diploma may be issued in conjunction with any of the other awards in recognition of outstanding service or may be issued as a separate award. Honour Diplomas may be awarded to IACEA Conference delegates, those involved in planning the IACE who do not attend the Conference or to organizations and persons outside the IACEA in recognition of service rendered.

This award is for persons or organizations for service that does not warrant a recommendation for a Medal of Honour or Honorary Membership. The Honour Diploma should be used to recognize contributions made by members or organizations in the intervening years before they would be eligible for consideration for Medal of Honour or Honorary Membership.

Honour Diplomas are also a useful means of recognizing a particular service rendered by individuals or organizations which may have been of a short duration, but which was nevertheless of such a high order that some form of recognition is considered necessary and desirable.

Final approval of this award rests with the Standing Committee.