Aide Memoir

By the end of December

  • Prepare Provisional IACE Exchange Programme and send to all countries. Information should include dates for arrival and departure and which airport or city venue for ticketing purposes
  • If not already started, put into effect your process for selecting candidates for the current exchange

January, February

  • Countries using the Europe Assembly Point must provide a list to the German Delegate with the following information:
    • Names, Age and Gender of the personnel by 1st June
    • Preliminary time of Arrival and Departure

March, April, May

  • Fine tuning of Exchange Programme, selection of candidates and travel arrangements
  • Pay the Annual Subscription Fee by no later than 31st March
  • Complete Registration Form re IACE Planning Conference
  • List of cadets and escorts names, addresses, age and gender to host countries


  • IACE Information Forms (by no later than 1st June - approved format - and final Exchange Programmes to host countries
  • Registration Fees for IACEA Planning Conference, in the currency of the country hosting the conference, is due in advance of the Planning Conference
  • The Registration Fee: US$300 (or amount agreed at the previous Conference), is payable on receipt


  • Cut-off date for substitutes is 1st July, except by agreement with receiving host country
  • First Phase Exchange Dates as agreed
  • Inform exchange countries of the mobile/cell phone number(s) of your national escort  officer(s)


  • Second Phase of Exchange as agreed
  • Agenda Items for the IACEA Planning Conference are due
  • Advise host country final list of delegates for the IACEA Planning Conference and send in Registration Fees.
  • Delegates not attending the Conference are to send the Secretary General their reports for that year's Exchange and also their proposed exchange numbers for the following year's Exchange.